Letter to Our Community Letter to Our Community – Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

Letter to Our Community

Our community of Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois is the most diverse in the City, if not nationwide. We celebrate our diversity, as it is the residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions, which the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce represents.

In the Rogers Park area, there are over 400 businesses, in which business owners provide goods and services. Our area hosts excellent social service agencies, providing for those in need. Our educational facilities, our community centers, our churches and other places of worship, all are supported by your local Chamber of Commerce. We visit the many group homes and rehabilitation centers often, for events like bingo, holiday parties, or as a part of community advisory councils. We participate in all community programs, whether they be park advisory councils, CAPS meetings, and of course, Shop Small Saturday.

Members of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce include mom & pop shops, home-based businesses, storefront shops, real estate agencies, banks, restaurants and cafes, as well as the largest companies in town. We have an ever-increasing menu of membership benefits, which includes advertisement and marketing, media mentions, ad handout, and our Snow Shovel Lottery, which was published as "Innovative" by Towns & Chambers Magazine. The Chamber has been providing these services since being established on April 14, 2009.

Our Chamber Board is elected, and believes in inclusiveness, to bring up and boost our entire community. We support responsible business. This commitment to Rogers Park includes advocacy, business well-being checks, community outreach, and fresh start Monday neighborhood clean-up for all. There is not a local organization with which we will not take the time to speak. Everyone is welcome to our monthly job fair, advocacy/service fair, health fair, financial literacy workshop, networking events, and community BBQ.

Over the years, the Chamber has participated in community activism to build the community and to support reasonable developments while sustaining the diversity, character, beauty, and affordability of our neighborhood, which we love and protect.

While the Rogers Park Chamber initially chartered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Rogers Park Chamber Board, voted unanimously to not renew due to its lack of local, Rogers Park-specific support, and its ideological differences from our community in its lobbying.

Also, being designated as a 501(c)(6), trade organization, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce may participate in local political actions, which, in a democracy, benefits the community.

Statement: "For the spirit of the people of Rogers Park, we are looking out for our own community first, stimulating our local economy, creating jobs for our residents, encouraging tourism, and reminding everyone to shop local, in Rogers Park. This is strong. We live and work here!

Please stop in and say 'Hi!', and choose Rogers Park to reside, shop, work and play. Let's make everything about our neighborhood positive."

President Bill Morton

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce