Distributing 200,000 Face Masks to Rogers Park Distributing 200,000 Face Masks to Rogers Park – Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

Distributing 200,000 Face Masks to Rogers Park

Thank you again, to Dr. Willie Wilson for providing 200K facial masks to our neighbors in Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois!

Appreciative that the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, PUB 626, Trudy Leong, Colm Treacy, and many others ... could help distribute this life-saving Personal Protection Equipment to so many residents, businesses, and employees in our community.

We gave protective masks to every person who attended the event, or simply walked by, from 10 AM - 1 PM. It was an honor, privilege, and our duty.

We even delivered to passing 151 Sheridan bus drivers, for their passengers, as well as the 24th District Chicago Police Department officers, and our 49th Ward City of Chicago Streets & Sanitation Dept workers. Many local churches and residents of group homes, also received COVID-19 prevention PPE.

We just want to say thank you, again, to everyone in our neighborhood of Rogers Park, and to Dr. Willie Wilson for supplying this resource to our community!

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